I don’t have any books published yet, but I’m currently querying THE HANGED MAN’S SON. I’ve also been featured in several of the University of Bristol’s Poetry and Creative Writing Society’s anthologies.

Works in Progress

  • THE HANGED MAN’S SON (fantasy, 90k words) – complete
  • THE HEART OF THE EVERFOREST (fantasy/supernatural, 65k words) – drafted
  • THE SOUL THIEF (urban fantasy, 45k words) – drafted
The Hanged Man's Son
Draft 4 (complete) 100%
The Heart of the Everforest
Draft 1 (complete) 100%
The Soul Thief
Draft 1 (complete) 100%
The Soul Thief
Draft 2 (in progress) 40%


A Sinner's Shadow
Draft 11 (complete) 100%
The Cake Game
Draft 2 (complete) 100%
Draft 3 (retired) 15%
Queen of Myth
Draft 3 (complete) 100%