The Cake Game

The Cake Game

Set in the stereotypical fantasy world of Merisma, bad impulse control lands a group of teens on a quest to bake the perfect cake. With such a frivolous and whimsical goal, absolutely nothing can go wrong; no pirates, no slavers, and no self-aware villains intent on destroying the Fourth Wall.

Aran, Kei, Mhera, Saara, Sam and Dumpling will have to face many things on their journey: monsters, a dragon and even the crushing weight of realising the world isn’t as fantastical as it seems.

The Mess

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this too started life as an RPG Maker game I never finished.

As you can see, it was very stupid. Most of the ideas I have start off as ridiculous comic-relief, and it turns out I tend to make things a bit too silly. I had a brainwave, though, and decided what THE CAKE GAME needed was a touch of existentialism.

The Book

I finished the first draft for Camp NaNoWriMo, and managed to achieve my goal of 30k words! It was an amazing experience, but I rushed a lot of things, so the second draft had to expand the story so it actually made sense.

So, what was wrong with the second draft? Everything. For the meantime, I’ve decided to put THE CAKE GAME on hold.