The Hanged Man’s Son

The Hanged Man's Son

Humanity is trapped inside the eldritch cityscape of Golgossa, a nightmare of impossible architecture and collapsing geometry, and survival is only possible through the ingenuity—and magic—of the guilds. Matteo da Silva has toiled for years to pass his guild apprenticeship: to explore the city, to help find an exit, but above all, to make his father proud. He passes his final test with flying colours, only to return home and find his father hanging from the rafters.

Now alone, Matteo is the sole heir to the Da Silva family. Thrust into the web of Golgossa’s politics, he is afforded no time to grieve, and the only things his father left him are an extract from an arcane play and a sketch of a pitch-black forest.

Matteo is determined to discover why his father died. However, the closer to the truth he gets, the more bodies pile in his wake. Clawed beasts prowl the forest, a laughing figure haunts the edges of his sanity, and whispers of an exit follow his every move. With the threat of the city collapsing at any moment, Matteo has to keep going. If he fails, he could lose the exit, and worse—his father will have died for nothing.